Marija Marash


Hello everyone!


My name is Marija Marash and currently I am studying International Business in XAMK. I am the first student from Albania in Kouvola campus. I was born and raised in countries that have nothing to do with Finland. That is the reason why I chose to come here.


I love to read books in every language I know and also write about things that I experience. Usually you can find me around the campus because I spend most of my time here searching for new things that I can share with everyone.


Coming here was a big change for me, but since I am an adaptable person, I made friends really fast. The lecturers are really nice and they helped me with everything that I needed. I am sure that they will have a big impact in my life.


The opportunity that this university gave to me is also a big responsibility. Being a brand ambassador means showing people how the real student life is. I love to share good experiences with everyone and also encourage them to join me here at XAMK so they can experience it too.

As we say here, “All for the future!”


Xuan (Swan)



I’m Xuan, call me Swan. I’m from Vietnam, and I’m IB XAMK’s freshman. Being here is a fascinating story to tell, I dropped out of university just a year ago to come to Finland. I needed a refreshing start.


People ask me how I feel about this decision, I said it’s the best decision I have ever made in my life, I’m that kind of kinaesthetic person that just can’t sit still and do something uninspired. During my study here, I have the chances to meet and make a lot of good friend from various parts of the world, I also experience the real pressure of practical projects, which I always look for to challenge myself.


As a student and as your future friend, I encourage you to do things that you feel is right for you. As a future friend, I would love to help you prepare for the future. And as Brand Ambassador for International Business programme in XAMK, I welcome you with the most open arms to your opening future.